Custom Massage


Custom massage sessions includes everything you want in a massage with no upcharges. This is comprehensive results-based therapy for people who are serious about body maintenance. Services by appointment only. 


You will be able to choose between all these specialized massages in one procedure:

  • Deep Tissue

  • Trigger Point Therapy

  • Sport and Recondition Massage and bodywork

  • Relaxation massage

When to book for Custom Massage ?


We are happy to announce that Heather is joint our team, an accomplished masseuse offering a comprehensive range of massages and styles. They will be available for evening sessions for your convenience if required.


Would be awesome to get your Custom Massage Treatment done after all day biking, skiing, swimming, running, paragliding, rugby, cricket, hiking, kayaking, paddling, snowboarding.... all you love, but it hurts :)