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Herbal Blends - edd-ons to your colonic!

Discover our latest collaboration with Happy Bum Co, a renowned leader in wellness and a multi-award winning brand. These innovative blends are propelling colon health to new horizons, ushering in a level of well-being beyond what was previously possible with only just water.
Experience detoxification, gut bacteria restoration, stress reduction, inflammation control, and hormone balance all in one collection. Elevate your well-being with the power of this unique partnership.

How does it work?
These blends are introduced into your colon during your colonic session, setting the stage for efficient absorption.As the compounds are absorbed into the bloodstream, they travel to different parts of your body, exerting their beneficial effects. Some effects might be felt shortly after your colonic session, while others may become more pronounced as the compounds continue to circulate and interact with various bodily systems.

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