Brush for sauna


Dry skin brushing is a wonderful detoxification aid as your skin is your body’s largest eliminative organ and is responsible for one quarter of the body’s detoxification each day (that’s why it’s also known as our third kidney). If you dry brush regularly your skin will be noticeably smoother with an improvement in colour, texture and clarity and you can improve conditions such as cellulite and water retention.


Dry skin brushing stimulates your circulation, boosting the blood flow that delivers oxygen and other nutrients to the skin, and helping the skin appear more radiant and glowing and warm to touch. Dry skin brushing also stimulates the flow of lymphatic vessels, indirectly aiding the immune function and improving lymphatic drainage throughout the body.

Silicon cup - Anti-cellulite


Vacuum cupping massage is one of numerous methods of anti cellulite massage that can be done with the use of massage cupping and any kind of massage oil or cream.


Lessen cellulite by stimulating toxic release and stimulating collagen and elastin production. The fat cells are destroyed and led to lymph nodes where are disposed from the body.


  • Low toxicity, odorless, low chemical reactivity

  • Hygienic – does not support bacterial growth

  • Translucent material allows observation of skin during massage

  • For these cups has been used 100% baby nipple silicon material and you can easily look after it by washing in warm water