Relaxation / Swedish


This Relaxing Massage is based on Ayurvedic techniques. It is a process of discovering the details of the body and also revealing those details to that person.

Relaxation, increased sense of well being, and a release of toxins into the blood stream (may result in feeling tired for a day or two) are all common effects of Relaxation Massage. Improving muscle tone, assisting weight loss, cellulite reduction and faster recovery from illness and injury is also common.

This type of massage is beneficial for the body to receive on a regular basis as a way of achieving optimal health and well-being, and also in times of great stress when it would be helpful for you to take some time for yourself to breathe deeply and enjoy something that feels good.


massage and hormone cortisol


Cortisol is a hormone which was shown to be affected by Swedish massage. It is produced and released by the adrenal gland. It is a useful hormone to give you the "adrenaline rush" during stressful moments. It however can be unhealthy when it is released into the body continuously by the stresses of modern day living. It can lead to adrenal fatigue. This can cause poor immunity, high blood pressure, insomnia and the dreaded weight gain.


A study conducted at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles has shown that even the very light massage known as a Swedish massage for only 45 minutes provides very positive effects. The participants experienced a decrease of the harmful hormone cortisol. At the same time it increased the “love” hormone oxytocin levels.

Not only that, but Swedish massage also reduced the level of ADH (anti-diuretic hormone) and its precursor AVP (arginine vasopressin) release.