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Psyllium + Bentonite Protocol


This prep work protocol greatly helps the process of colon hydrotherapy.
Please follow this protocol before, during and after colon hydrotherapy treatments.

Psyllium and liquid bentonite are an excellent combination for nearly all people to begin safely and gently cleansing with.
The psyllium in this mixture puffs up in the water to form this gentle yet powerful cleansing agent that travels through your digestive tract and begins scrubbing the intestinal walls, pulling remnants and residual waste out with it.  Among a lot of benefits, It also acts as a prebiotic in your colon and feeds the good bacteria cultures. Liquid bentonite is also a powerful calming and cleansing clay that is very soothing to digestive upsets, kills of excess yeast, and will bind with approximately 40 times its weight in toxins in the body. Together, the psyllium and bentonite make a very benevolent team to assist in comfortable, productive cleansing that is done intelligently and safely. These help greatly throughout the cleansing process, will make your colonics more comfortable and effective, and help to keep you from feeling the effects of detox.


Please follow the directions on this page exactly as described.
Contact me if you have questions or are getting unexpected results.
This prep is ideal for nearly all bodies, whether experiencing constipation or loose stool.

This prep work GREATLY improves your colonic experience. The more diligent you are with this prep work, the better cleansing experience you will have.
When clients follow this protocol, their colonics are easier, and more effective, and they experience less detox sensations, less cramping and gas, and a much more comfortable and enjoyable experience.


What to do 3 days before colonic?


  • The first 2 days start with green juice - no food, lunchtime fruit juice - no food, and evening green salad or bone broth.

  • Third day first thing in the morning (+start introducing light meals):

    • 1 teaspoon of Psyllium Husks / Flakes (not powdered)

    • 1 TABLESPOON of LIQUID Bentonite (not powdered)

    • 32oz Purified Water


  1. BEGIN with a half dose of psyllium only for the first few days * (1/2 teaspoon) *
    After a few days you should be having better, fluffier, fuller and more complete/satisfying bowel movements
    Once this happens, please increase psyllium to one full teaspoon daily
    Liquid Bentonite can always remain at 1 TBSP daily


  2. This P+B Protocol must be on an EMPTY STOMACH.
    Drink this mixture as soon as you wake up, or about 3-4 hours after you have eaten
    - some people drink it right before bed, but you’ll likely have to wake up to empty your bladder in the night


  3. Drink mixture with AMPLE PURIFIED WATER - this means approximately 32 ounces. Chug it. It works wonders.
    *** If you do not drink ample water with the mix, and stay thoroughly hydrated throughout the day, you may become constipated.
    *** Please drink at least 3 quarts of purified water IN ADDITION to this protocol in a day.

    - you can mix it in a small glass and follow up with the rest of 32 ounces immediately, or
    - you can mix this mixture in a quart size jar, shake it up and quickly drink it
    - you can add a few ounces of orange juice for taste, if you prefer


  4. Drink this mixture down FAST - in less than 5 minutes.
    You’ll feel a little full, but that will pass quickly.
    Psyllium is also a good appetite suppressant for those desiring weight loss.


  5. Wait 20-30 minutes (or more) before you eat after drinking the P+B cleansing protocol


  6. FYI, the cleaner you eat, the better this works
    Reducing (or eliminating!) foods that cause congestion and mucous is the best plan while cleansing:
    - dairy, cheese, milk
    - deep fried, processed and fast food
    - wheat, bread, pasta, cookies, cakes, etc
    - soda, sweet tea, alcohol


  7. Get a good probiotic in you daily while on this journey
    Find ideally a soil-based probiotic that has 50-100 billion CFU, with multiple different strains of probiotics in it.
    Not all probiotics are made equally, and it is absolutely worth investing in a good one while cleansing.

  8. 4th day DO YOUR COLONIC.


  • You’ve started the protocol and feel constipated :
    Ensure you are drinking the protocol with approximately 32oz of water
    Ensure you are drinking the mixture quite QUICKLY and on an empty stomach
    Ensure you are drinking AT LEAST 3 quarts (96oz) of water daily in addition to this mixture
    Reduce the drying foods you are eating (breads, crackers, rice cakes, popcorn, grains, dehydrated fruits, nuts)
    Move your body - go for a walk or a run, do some gentle squats, stretches, etc.
    Vitamin C in large quantities (4000-9000iu daily) can significantly and safely help bowel movements
    Magnesium Calm drink at night is extremely helpful


  • You feel gassier and/or more bloated :
    Starting this prep protocol will help the bowels begin loosening and releasing older waste. This means you’ll likely hear more belly noises, feel more movement, feel more bloated and maybe even gassy. All of this is normal and a part of the process.
    You may feel cramps or sensation as your body begins detox, but you should not be feeling actual pain.


  • You are having very weird and/or smelly poops:
    This is also part of the process, and we expect and want weird poop to happen.
    Expect interesting colors (blacker, greener, greyish or beige is very common)
    Bowel movement texture will also likely become more fluffy, ropey, yeasty, frothy, and have more mucous.


  • You notice different things changing in your body :
    This is also normal! This P+B protocol should help you start pooping better quickly, and therefore you should notice other changes in your body becuase your digestion is becoming stronger and more effective.
    You may experience better moods and optimism, more restful sleep, clearer skin, weightloss, appetite reduction, easier menstrual cycles, and much more.


  • You are feeling kinda gross :
    Taking this P+B protocol begins a detox and healing environment in the body before we even begin colon hydrotherapy.
    This means that you are likely at some points going to feel the effects of detoxification. Again, this is completely normal and expected.
    Feeling slight headache, nausea, cold/flu -like symptoms, skin changes, lightheadedness or fogginess is common.
    If you feel detox symptoms, please increase your water intake, ensure you are getting rest, eating clean and pooping.
    Contact me if you have questions or concerns of your detox experience. All of this is normal and generally passes quickly.


  • You are having some cravings :
    When we begin cleansing, we are making lifestyle and diet changes that begin starving and removing yeast and parasites from our bodies. When we have cravings for SWEETS, ALCOHOL, BREADS/PASTA/DAIRY/etc, it is generally because these opportunistic organisms IN us actually want these foods. So it is very important while cleansing to try your best not to give into cravings, as they begin to go away after a few days. The P+B protocol will help reduce the cravings, and colonics will help the cravings massively.


  • You are experiencing mood swings :
    Again, very normal. The effects of detox on the body can absolutely have us feeling emotional as our internal world begins shifting and recalibrating. Also, letting go of poop also means it’s time for us to do some internal energetic housekeeping, which means we need to integrate, witness, and let go of our metaphorical sh*t. We store a lot in the gut, and working to release that is a beautiful and life transforming part of colon hydrotherapy.

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